EclipseShade™ Retractable Car SunShade
EclipseShade™ Retractable Car SunShade
EclipseShade™ Retractable Car SunShade
EclipseShade™ Retractable Car SunShade
EclipseShade™ Retractable Car SunShade

EclipseShade™ Retractable Car SunShade

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There are plenty of things to enjoy about the summer, but how hot the interior of your car gets after it’s parked in the sun for a few hours is definitely not one of them. If you’ve ever sat on leather seats, touched the steering wheel, or tried to put on your seat belt in a broiling car, it can feel like placing your hand on a hot stovetop.

  • Have you ever been blown by a blast of hot air in your face when opened the door?
  • Have you ever been burned when you put your hand on the steering wheel? Especially on the metal seat-belt buckle!
  • Have you ever used the folded cumbersome cardboard sunshade, it doesn't stay up in your window at all and it is not easy to storage?
  • Have you ever used the wire-propping sunshade, the wire easily broke and poked through the material; and also have not figured out how to fold it back up?

This EclipseShade™ Retractable Car SunShade can solve all of these problems!

The EclipseShade™ is painless to use. It features a revolutionary retractable design that allows you to effortlessly mount it to your windshield, rear mirror, or windows and easily stretch across when you need the sun coverage.

block UV

Made of high-grade durable Aluminum foil, EclipseShade™ shields your ride from harmful UV rays by blocking 99.5% of them which reduces the temperature of the car's interior by up to 50 degrees and keeps it cooler and comfortable.

Unlike traditional sunshades, EclipseShade™ is perfect for a variety of vehicles as it comes in different sizes and can be cut as per your requirements. It also easily folds away in a compact size for easy storage, so you will never have to worry about space issues or finding it crushed arid-broken somewhere.

EclipseShade™ also protects expensive interiors from being baked and makes sure that sensitive electronics Such as LCD monitors, GPS devices, and phones don’t overlie when your vehicle is parked for a long period of time.


  • Retractable Design - The EclipseShade™ features a foldable wave design that is retractable, making it extremely easy to attach and remove in minutes, saving you time and effort
  • Protection Against Harmful UV Rays - Made of highly reflective Aluminum foil material that insulates the heat and blocks the UV rays keeping you protected from the heat
  • Versatility & Precision Fit - Available in several different sizes, fit a variety of cars effortlessly. It can be cut to fit the actual size of your car
  • Premium Quality Material - It's extremely lightweight, flexible, durable and space-saving
  • Effortless Setup - Simply attach the brackets onto the shade, place it on the right spot and secure with suction cups. Then attach another small bracket with suction cups on the other side, pull EclipseShade™ from right to left, and buckle it. As easy as that!


Dimensions: Front Zip 65cm/70cm/80cm   Rear Gear 46cm
Material: Aluminium foil with polyester fabric, nylon plastic

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