Hair Wax Stick
Hair Wax Stick
Hair Wax Stick
Hair Wax Stick
Hair Wax Stick

Hair Wax Stick

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Hairstyling in a simpler and convenient way

Discover the Wax Stick! This hair wax stick gives hairstyles instant texture, definition and separation. The hair wax has a stronghold and is super easy to apply and style hair with. The wax complex leaves hairstyles smooth and frizz-free.

The Strong Holding Hair Wax Stick is the product that you've been looking for providing silky shine and a soft feeling to your hair. Flattens and holds up hair to how you style that lasts a whole day. This adds to providing hair with the nourishment it needs.


✅Hair wax stick with a stronghold

✅Gives hairstyles texture, definition and separation

✅Easy application straight onto the hair

✅Leaves hair smooth and frizz-free

How to Use

1. Push the wax up from the bottom of the bottle
2. Rub the wax on the outer layers of your hair.
3. As you style your hair, it will hold up while also being nourished by the wax.

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