Rechargeable Lint Remover - Free Shipping
Rechargeable Lint Remover - Free Shipping
Rechargeable Lint Remover - Free Shipping
Rechargeable Lint Remover - Free Shipping

Rechargeable Lint Remover - Free Shipping

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How to do clothes pilling easily?

This Rechargeable Lint Remover can solve clothes pilling and clothes sticky hairs effectively and take good care of the clothes at the same time. It is designed to remove lint and cleaning hairball, perfect for sweaters, scarves, pants, skirts, vests, etc. 


Internal Circulation Hair Gathering System
The hair ball transported directly to the storage by strong airflow.


Features : - 
Renew Your Clothing - Designed to remove fluff, fuzz, pill, bobble and lint from fabric, presenting decent and elegant way of life.

Fast & Effecient - Precise and safe 3-blade net in superior stainless steel works in strong power to finish the fabric shaving more quickly and easily.
Secure Designed - The metal blade guard allows threads and fuzzes to pass through for removal while protecting clothes and fabrics, protecting garments from being cut or snagged, as well as hands from accidentally touching the shaver foil.
Users Friendly Designed - One button design for instant operation, large battery capacity of 1200mAh and UBS rechargeable for more portable and convenient using anywhere and anytime.
Widely Applicable - It perfectly removes fabric fluff, fuzz, pill, bobble and lint from all types of clothes and fabric, including sweater, couch, blanket, curtain, socks, legging, wool, cashmere and so on.




Hidden Type Sticky Hair Tube
It is hidden in the handle and can be used to collect hair and remove dandruff and dust after being pulled out.


Detachable tri-blade head design
The blade head can be removed for cleaning easily.


Honeycomb Protective Net
The secure design can effectively isolate the sharp blade of the sharp knife and care the clothing for 360 degree to avoid the mistake of cutting.



Notes : -
- Please don't wash it with water.
- Be sure to smooth your clothes before using the fabric shaver.
- Do not use it directly on sweater when you dress on it.
- After using, please clean the blade, net cover and storage tank in time.

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