6-in-1 Multi Opener
6-in-1 Multi Opener
6-in-1 Multi Opener
6-in-1 Multi Opener
6-in-1 Multi Opener
6-in-1 Multi Opener

6-in-1 Multi Opener

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Struggling with opening jar lids? Or maybe a beer bottle and a bag of chips all at the same time?  Then this is the best tool for you!

This multi opener able to open the caps without hurting hands or using too much strength. Increased efficiency and comfortable utility make it perfect for those with hand injuries or arthritis.

It gives you solid grip and leverage to easily open tight jars, pop off bottle caps, and twist off screw caps - with minimal effort! A great addition to your kitchen gadget collection! Here's what this amazing tool can do for you!


Easy to Use - Open bottles, jars, and seals easily! Even with weak hands due to arthritis/stroke/injury or just from really tight packaging, this will get the jobs done easily!

Less Pain - No more hurting your fingers or breaking a fingernail just to open a can of soda or a medicine bottle! Easy-grip and ergonomic!

Freedom & Independence - No need to rely on others or ask for assistance just to open a jar or bottle! You can do it yourself!

Dishwasher Safe - Makes clean up fast and easy!

Portable - Not just for the kitchen or home bar! Bring it on camping trips, road trips, or picnics. Keep one in your car or office pantry!

All in One - Save space! No need to bring 6 different tools with 6 different functions! This multi opener does it all!


Material: PP + TPR + 2CR14 Alloy Stainless Steel
Size: 14.5 x 6.5 x 2.3 cm / 5.67 x 2.6 x 0.94 in
Weight: 109g / 0.24 lbs
Color: Red / Grey

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