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What is The SnatchMeUp?

The SnatchMeUp is a bandage wrap for helping to visually slenderize and contour your body shape and visibly tighten your skin in only few minutes. The SnatchMeUp is applied firmly to areas needing inch loss and contouring and lightly where only skin tightening is desired. It is very healthful and relaxing.

How soon can I expect resultFast! ...

Every body and skin condition are unique, so individual results may vary. While some people start seeing early slimming related results in as early as 1 weeks, it typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to witness the waist and abdomen firming effect.

This is why we recommend trying SnatchMeUp for at least 3 weeks in order to enjoy the full body silhouette benefits.

Who will The SnatchMeUp help?  Anyone! ...

Anyone who wants to tone and tighten their skin. People with overly dry or rough skin. People with loose skin due to weight changes or from pregnancy. Men and women who want to look terrific fast! Anyone who wants to look and feel younger.

Is this a one time purchaseYes! ...

Yes, rest assured that all orders on this page are one-time purchases.

This means that you won’t be charged again in the subsequent months. There will not be any automatic recurring billing or hidden charges. It will only be billed once according to what you have purchased.

Does SnatchMeUp ship to my country? Yes! ...

Yes we do! We ship worldwide.

Whether it’s the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, or any other country…

As long as you’re interested in enjoying a better waist slimming effect with SnatchMeUp, we’ll make sure we get our product in your hands, even if it’s halfway across the world.

Where is SnatchMeUp manufactured?

SnatchMeUp is manufactured by the factory of our own, which is mainly located in Singapore. We do have other factories and branches in Worldwide as well.

  • Adeline

    5 days ago

" It hide under clothing without noticed.

It fits great, and is easy to put on. The size is perfect, and is not too long. I'm short (5’1”), and was worried that this would be too high, and/or, too low. Instead, its just perfect on me. I love how you don't have to pick a size. It seems like it will have a better fit for every single body (large, small, tall, petite, big chested, small chested, etc) better, than if it was fit for particular sizes (s, m, l, xl, etc). "

  • Larissa

    6 days ago

" A waist wrap to fix postpartum belly.

This is a no brainer. I have searched so many waist trainers and thrown them to the side because they were uncomfortable. This one will snatch you in and it gently supports you. I heard my friends claimed that it can be wore during the postpartum period as well. This is so gentle that you could definitely keep it on all day without thinking about it. It’s non-constricting, supports your abdominal fat, pulls you in very gently and non discreetly and is very comfortable.

  • Henna

    10 days ago

" Comfortable and breathes easily.

After giving birth two little angels, my belly become fat. I was unhappy with my belly and did some research to find a waist trainer. Glad that I found this. I've been using it every day. It's comfortable. I see the difference between the time using it and before. It helps to burn fat belly. My belly is better than before. The others make me uncomfortable when wearing it, however, with this waist trainer I don't feel the same. I can breathe comfortably. Love it! "

  • Camilla

    3 days ago

" It worked surprisingly well.

 I could see the beads of sweat formed on my stomach. I can see how it will assist in taking off inches. I also feel that it makes my back feel so great, while wearing it. It helps me stand up really straight, and it feels like I’m holding my back up nice & strong. "