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How often should I wear OrthoSox?

Technically you could wear it indefinitely. There is not time limit.

It's breathes well and it's flexible and soft. 

Can OrthoSox be used after surgery?

The OrthoSox is a great treatment to use after surgery to the surgical correction of the big toe. OrthoSox provides correction, padding, arch support and stabilization. Its always a good idea to consult with your medical professional.

If Hallux varus (when the big toe goes too far outward) develops after surgery, it is important to splint quickly to help prevent further shifting of the big toe. OrthoSox will hold the surgical fixation. Consult your medical professional.

What OrthoSox could help with your feet issues?

It can be used as a non-surgical treatment for bunions, hammer toes, crooked toes, heel pain & general foot comfort. They can also help to reduce the need for surgical intervention. They help you by keeping your feet & toes mobile, flexible & less painful.

Can OrthoSox be worn overnight?

OrthoSox should be used during the day when you are in a vertical position such as walking. Also, if you sit for prolong periods of time the affects of gravity cause the fluid to accumulate in your lower extremities. When you are sleeping you are in a horizontal position which means that the fluid in your body is in equilibrium throughout so it does not accumulate in your legs. Therefore, wearing OrthoSox while sleeping is not recommended or required.

Is this a one time purchase?

Yes, rest assured that all orders on this page are one-time purchases.

This means that you won’t be charged again in the subsequent months. There will not be any automatic recurring billing or hidden charges. It will only be billed once according to what you have purchased.

Where is OrthoSox manufactured?

OrthoSox is manufactured by the factory of our own, which is mainly located in Singapore.

We do have other factories and branches in Worldwide as well.

Does OrthoSox ship to my country?

Yes we do! We ship worldwide.

Whether it’s the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, or any other country…

As long as you’re interested in enjoying a better feet issues with OrthoSox, we’ll make sure we get our product in your hands, even if it’s halfway across the world.