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How to use the product?

First of all, spray appropriate and even amounts on the scalp surface and hair roots. Massage gently for 2-3 minutes to be fully absorbed. Recommended using Boost+ Hair Grow Ginger Spray every morning and evening after shower.

Is this product safe?

Boost+ Hair Grow Ginger Spray is proven to have 99% efficacy approval rating. Additionally, Boost+ Hair Grow Ginger Spray is non-steroidal, has NO reported side effects, and does not conflict with other medications. 

Is this a one time purchase?

Yes, rest assured that all orders on this page are one-time purchases.

This means that you won’t be charged again in the subsequent months. There will not be any automatic recurring billing or hidden charges. It will only be billed once according to what you have purchased.

How soon can I expect result?

Every hair type and skins condition are unique so that individual results may vary. While some people start seeing early healing results in as early as 1 week, it typically takes 2 to 3 weeks for the nutrients to heal the hair problems fully.

This is why we recommend trying Boost+ Hair Grow Ginger Spray for at least 3 weeks to enjoy the full hair repair benefits.

Where is Boost+ Hair Grow Ginger Spray manufactured?

Boost+ Hair Grow Ginger Spray is manufactured by the factory of our own, which is mainly located in Singapore. We do have other factories and branches in Worldwide as well.

Does Boost+ Hair Grow Ginger Spray ship to my country?

Yes we do! We ship worldwide.

Whether it’s the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, or any other country…

As long as you’re interested in enjoying a better hair repairing with Boost+ Hair Grow Ginger Spray, we’ll make sure we get our product in your hands, even if it’s halfway across the world.

  • Chris

    2 days ago

" Powerful game-changing hair spray I've ever seen.

I bought this to overcome hair thinned out & damaged from extensions. I also have an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss as well. In one week, my transformation is CRAZY. More hair is coming in, and my hair is getting much thicker. I was so sceptical because nothing had worked. This does!! I can't wait to see the results after a month! Super easy to use."

  • Sasha 

    3 days ago

" The spray application is probably the best method in my opinion.

I like how it leaves my hair feeling and am noticing new growth, which is super exciting. The hair loss left me feeling very depressed but now I am hopeful about what I see so far with this product. I highly recommend giving this a shot.!"

  • Kristy

    3 days ago

"I like how easy and convenient it is to use.

Just spray, rub in and go. It also doesn't have that strong smell like other minoxidil products I have used in the past; I can barely even tell when it's been applied. So far I also haven't had any of the side effects I had like I've had with the other products. Such as skin irritation, swollen hands and feet, etc. I use this product for my hairline and face area. So far it seems to work."

  • Neo

    3 days ago

" The product smells great.

Not too strong and has just a light, herbal scent to it. It makes my scalp feel clean and refreshed after I apply it. Not heavy at all. I can add to my scalp and hair, and style at my preference. Only using a week since I received it, so still too early to tell if it's helping my hair regrowth, but it does contain all the right topical ingredients to combat scalp and DHT buildup, so it seems promising."